Often, the degenerate cases are the distinctive circumstances where modifications to the same old dimension or the cardinality of the thing happen. For example, a triangle is an object of dimension two, and a degenerate triangle is contained in a line, which makes its dimension one. This is much like the case of a circle, whose dimension shrinks from two to zero because it degenerates into a point. In such a degenerate case, the solution set is claimed to be degenerate.

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  • If you check with the behaviour of a gaggle of individuals as degeneracy, you imply that you simply assume it is surprising, immoral, or disgusting.
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  • A degenerate case thus has particular features which makes it non-generic.
  • Thus a degenerate convex polygon of n sides looks like a polygon with fewer sides.

A degenerate case thus has special options which makes it non-generic. For example, right triangles, isosceles triangles and equilateral triangles are non-generic and non-degenerate. In truth, degenerate cases usually correspond to singularities, either in the object or in some configuration space. For instance, a conic section is degenerate if and provided that it has singular factors (e.g., level, line, intersecting lines).

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The definitions of many classes of composite or structured objects typically implicitly embrace inequalities. For example, the angles and the facet lengths of a triangle are alleged to be constructive. The limiting circumstances, where one or a number of of these inequalities turn into equalities, are degeneracies. In the case of triangles, one has a degenerate triangle if at least one facet length or angle is zero (equiv., it becomes a “line segment”). As earlier pointed out and as may be seen from Figure 30.four, there are extra then one codons for every of several amino acids (see Table 30.5). Use filters to view different phrases, we now have 453 synonyms for degeneracy.

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We’ve organized the synonyms in length order in order that they are easier to find. For some lessons of composite objects, the degenerate circumstances depend on the properties that are specifically studied. In particular, the class of objects could typically be outlined or characterized by techniques of equations. This could be the purpose for which there is no basic definition of degeneracy, even though the concept is extensively used and defined in each particular situation.

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